‘Hobbit’ Inspires 10 Celebrities Gollum-ized with Gollum Eyes


mike tyson gollum eyes

Andy Serkis’ transformation from moppet-headed Londoner to feral Hobbit, thanks to the wonders of computer graphics technology, is one of the great marvels of 21st Century filming. WETA special effects spent millions of dollars perfecting the effect that brought Tolkien’s schizophrenic creature to life, and his reappearance in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey takes digital makeover to the next level.

But did they really have to go through all that work?

Serkis did an incredible job turning Gollum into a living, breathing entity, but why go to all the trouble of painting him into a slimy, bald cave-dweller when there are plenty of famous people who already have the look down? Okay, part of the look. Hollywood.com was so sure that there were faces out there that could fit the Gollum bill that we used our photo manipulation skills to whip up a gallery of “Gollum Eyes.” See the results by clicking the link:

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