New ‘Homefront’ Trailer Plants a Mystery About James Franco’s Relationship with Alligators

After losing his wife and the mother of his young daughter in the new crime drama Homefront, undercover cop Jason Statham decides it’s time for a change. So he packs up and moves himself and the youngster to the countryside. A fresh start, free of the criminal burdens that have left his life a wreck. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the good lawman, this particular town has its own demon. It operates under the greasy, blood-covered thumb of a drug dealing James Franco. And as Statham works his way deeper into the town’s barrel of secrets, he learns more about his new adversary. “They call him Gator,” explains an in-the-know local, adding, “for some reason.”

Open Road Films

For some reason. A colloquial phrase perpetrating one grand question: what is the reason? Why does Franco’s criminal go by Gator? Why does he sport a gator tattoo on his forearm? What nefarious, reptilian implications are at play here?

Does Franco have a romantic relationship with a gator that he’s trying to keep a secret from the paparazzi (a la his role on 30 Rock)? Perhaps he was raised by gators, vowing once and for all to take back society for his scaled family? Or maybe he, himself, is a gator, evolved to human form after years of nuclear waste corroding the nearby waters? He could very well be just a zany criminal who thinks gators are neat. But we’re going to go with the evolution thing.

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