‘Houdini’ Conjures ‘Minority Report’ Writer Scott Frank

Scott FrankSeems like the past can’t stay buried underground in a locked coffin surrounded by chains tethered by the world’s most secure lock. It always manages a way out.

Anyway, Columbia has been trying to make a Houdini movie for years now, having attached many directors to many different versions of the film. Now the studio have hired Scott Frank to write the script, which will eventually have Francis Lawrence directing. Their “original” take? Not having it be about Houdini at all! It’ll instead focus on him getting too close to a female fraud who scams people into believing she’s supernatural. So, to recap, very little escaping from chains and straight jackets and more investigating fraudulent magicians. And this is the more “grounded” version.

But woo! At least we have respected writer Scott Frank on the job. He wrote Minority Report which wasn’t that bad. Pretty good in fact. He also wrote Get Shorty, another really good movie. Let’s see, he also penned Marley & Me and… and… I take it back. Everything positive. I take back the woo! I take it back! Not this guy! Not him! Noooooooo!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter