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After the President of the United States and the Queen of England, and maybe even the Pope, James Bond seems to be one of the most well traveled people out there. While he may be a fictional character, he sure has racked up those Sky(fall)Miles. With 22 films under his belt, Bond has journeyed all over the world — and then some. But while his missions have landed him in some of the world’s most exotic places around the continent — sometimes more than once — how many miles has Bond actually traveled throughout all of his movies? decided to crunch the numbers to discover the answer.

Trip One: Dr. No – 1962

London, England to Kingston, Jamaica: 4687.76

Kingston to Crab Key, Jamaica: 37.84

Total: 4687.76

Trip Two: From Russia with Love – 1963

London, England to Istanbul, Turkey: 1555.71

Istanbul to Belgrade, Formerly Yugoslavia, now Serbia: 505.28

Belgrade to Zagreb, Formerly Yugoslavia, now Croatia: 228.63

Zagreb to Venice, Italy: 179

Total: 2468.62

Trip Three: Goldfinger – 1964

Unidentified Drug House in Mexico (let’s place it in Mexico City, Mexico) to Miami Beach, Florida: 1288.99

Miami Beach to London, England: 4429.32

London to Geneva, Switzerland: 464.71

Geneva to Baltimore, Maryland: 4036.68

Baltimore to Bluegrass Fields, Kentucky: 426.01

Total: 10645.71

Trip Four: Thunderball – 1965

Château d’Anet, near Dreux, France to London, England: 195.92

London to Nassau, Bahamas: 4347.61

Nassau to Miami, Florida: 186.93

Total: 4730.46

Trip Five: You Only Live Twice – 1967

Hong Kong, China to Tokyo, Japan: 1791.22

Tokyo to Kobe, Japan: 263.37

Kobe to Matsu Islands, China: 1083.46

Total: 3138.05

Trip Six: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – 1969

Estoril, Portugal to London, England: 992.47

London back to Estoril: 992.47

Estoril to Bern, Switzerland: 1023.76

Bern to London: 464.82

London to Piz Gloria, Switzerland: 497.11

Piz Gloria to London: 497.11

London to Piz Gloria: 497.11

Piz Gloria to Estoril: 1028.16

Total: 5993.01

Trip Seven: Diamonds Are Forever – 1971

Tokyo, Japan to Cairo, Egypt: 5949.64

Cairo to London, England: 2184.26

London to Amsterdam, Netherlands: 222.30

Amsterdam to Los Angeles, California 5560.70

Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada: 224.84

Las Vega to Baja California, Mexico: 364.86

Total: 14506.6

Trip Eight: Live and Let Die – 1973

London, England to New York City, NY: 3464.99

NYC to San Monique (let’s use Mustique Island), Caribbean: 2076.31

San Monique to New Orleans, Louisiana: 2192.49

New Orleans back to San Monique: 2192.49

Total: 9926.28

Trip Nine: The Man with the Golden Gun – 1974

London, England to Beirut, Lebanon: 2150.17

Beirut to Macau, China: 4724.01

Macau to Hong Kong: 38.70

Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand: 1075.52

Bangkok to Private Island in the Yellow Sea within boundaries of Red China: 2088.35

Total: 10076.75

Trip 10: The Spy Who Loved Me – 1977

Alps in Austria to Cairo, Egypt: 1524.95

Cairo to Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy: 1429.61

Total: 2954.56

Trip 11: Moonraker – 1970

London to Vaux-le-Vicomte, California (let’s say Los Angeles, because that’s where they filmed in Calif): 5446.58

Los Angeles to Venice, Italy: 6142.23

Venice to Rio, Brazil: 5873.97

Rio to Outerspace (lets put him on the moon): 238900

Total: 256362.78

Trip 12: For Your Eye Only – 1981

London, England to Madrid, Spain: 785.90

Madrid back to London: 785.90

London to Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy: 650.65

Cortina d’Ampezzo to Corfu, Greece: 618.28

Total: 2840.73

Trip 13: Octopussy – 1983

Undisclosed Latin America Country believed to be Cuba to London, England: 4547.01

London to Delhi, India: 4174.46

Delhi to East Berlin, Germany: 3595.50

East Berlin back to Delhi: 3595.50

Total: 15912.47

Trip 14: A View to a Kill – 1985

Siberia to London, England: 3494.68

London to Berkshire, England: 49.78

Berkshire to Paris, France: 241.82

Paris to Chantilly, France: 23.87

Chantilly to San Francisco, California: 5555.56

Total: 9365.71

Trip: 15: The Living Daylights – 1987

Gibraltar to Bratislava, Formerly Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia: 1411.23

Bratislava to London, England: 801.26

London back to Bratislava: 801.26

Bratislava to Vienna, Austria: 34.10

Vienna to Tangiers, Morocco: 1419.66

Tangiers to Jail Cell in Afghanistan: 4070.13

Total: 8537.64

Trip 16: Licence to Kill (1989)

Key West, Florida to Cay Sal Bank, Bahamas Banks (Caribbean): 125.55

Cay Sal Bank to Bimini: 145.66

Bimini to Fictional Isthmus City (can pinpoint in Panama City, Panama): 1158.65

Total: 1429.86

Trip 17: GoldenEye – 1995

Arkhangelsk, Russia to Monte Carlo, Monaco: 1925.18

Monte Carlo to London, England: 641.69

London to St. Petersburg, Russia: 1305.73

St. Petersburg to Cuba: 5537.10

Total: 9409.7

Trip 18: Tomorrow Never Dies – 1997

Oxford, England to Hamburg, Germany: 495.88

Hamburg to Saigon, Vietnam: 5905.19

Saigon to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam: 699.68

Total: 7100.75

Trip 19: The World Is Not Enough – 1999

Bilbao, Spain to London, England: 585.40

London to Scotland (no specific area, so lets say capital, Eidenburgh): 331.97

Eidenburgh to Baku, Azerbaijan: 2592.75

Baku to Kazakhstan: 991.65

Kazakhstan back to Baku: 991.65

Baku to Istanbul, Turkey: 1912.57

Total: 6414.34

Total 20: Die Another Day – 2002

Pukchong, North Korea to Hong Kong: 1488.22

Hong Kong to Havana, Cuba: 9112.47

Havana to Iceland: 4010.64

Iceland to North Korea: 4945.27

Total: 19556.6

Trip 21: Casino Royal – 2006

Prague, Czech Republic to Madagascar: 5157.65

Madagascar to London, England: 5628.09

London to Nassau, Bahamas: 4347.61

Nassau to Miami, Florida: 186.93

Miami to Montenegro: 5488.98

Montenegro to Venice, Italy: 398.25

Venice to Lake Como, Italy: 152.93

Total: 21360.44

Trip 22: Quantum of Solace – 2008

Siena, Italy to London, England: 778.29

London to Port au Prince, Haiti: 4467.40

Port au Prince to Bregenz, Austria: 4923.16

Bregenz to La Paz, Bolivia: 2440.35

La Paz to Kazan, Russia: 8217.17

Total: 20826.37

Out of 22 movies, Bond has traveled 448,245.19 miles in total. Thanks to for helping us ring these totals!

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