Possible Story Ideas for ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’

Possible Story Ideas for ‘How to Train Your Dragon 3’

How to Train Your Dragon 2
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2, from left: Toothless, Hiccup (voice: Jay Baruchel), 2014. TM & copyright ?20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved/courtesy Everett Collection

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for How to Train Your Dragon 2

Raking in a cool $50 million over the weekend, How to Train Your Dragon 2 proved to be huge success in a very crowded weekend of releases. But where does the franchise go from here? There’s already a third film in the mix for the fantasy saga: How to Train Your Dragon 3 is set to release in 2016 with Dean Deblois returning to direct. Luckily, the second film of the series is littered with narrative threads that can be tugged at in the next chapter. Is there another five-year time jump in the cards? How will Hiccup handle being chief of Berk? Will Toothless ever find another Night Fury? We’ve decided to speculate on all the possible story lines that could surface in How to Train Your Dragon 3.

Toothless Finds Another Night Fury
During the events of the second film, Hiccup and Toothless are dragged to a strangely constructed ice cave in the middle of the ocean by a mysterious dragon rider that is revealed to be Hiccup’s mother, Valka. The cave is a sanctuary for dragons, and is home to thousands of dragons of all species, but even with the sheer number of creatures inhabiting the space, Valka tells Hiccup that she believes Toothless to be the last Night Fury in existence. The idea of Toothless being the last of his kind is brought up so frequently throughout How to Train Your Dragon 2, we figured a subplot featuring the lost species of dragon would materialize at some point during the film, but the credits rolled without a Night Fury in sight. We’re guessing the filmmakers are saving the idea of another Night Fury for the third film.

Hiccup Struggles to Become a Good Chief
A major theme of How to Train Your Dragon 2 is the notion of responsibility, and Hiccup spends much of the movie dodging his responsibilities as heir to the throne of Berk. But after his father’s untimely death (at the hands of Toothless, no less), the role of chief is thrust upon him and Hiccup has to step up and defend his people. Hiccup performs admirably in his battle against Bludvist and the alpha Dragon, but there’s a lot more to being chief than just flying and fighting. There’s so much responsibility involved with running and managing an entire village, and Hiccup definitely wouldn’t have the time to leisurely fly around with Toothless. It would be cool to see the young leader struggle with his new duties as chief in a third film.

Too Many Dragons in Berk
The events of How to Train Your Dragon 2 introduces what looks to be thousands of extra dragons to Berk, a village where the inhabitants were already up to their eyeballs in the creatures. Is dragon overpopulation a thing? It would be interesting to see if the next film addresses the possibility that there might be too many dragons crawling around Berk for comfort. Maybe an expedition where Toothless finds a new home for all the extra dragons would be a cool little diversion for the sequel.

Toothless the Alpha Dragon
Toothless bests Bludvist’s alpha dragon and becomes the new alpha, but we’re not sure what that means for Toothless and the other dragons in Berk. Does Toothless now have the ability to control the other dragons like the old alpha could? And could there be other contenders waiting in the wings to take the tittle away from our favorite dragon? 

Hiccup’s Relationship with His Mother
During the film, Hiccup’s mother Valka, thought to be long dead, is revealed to be alive and has spent the past 20 years rescuing and caring for lost Dragons. Once Valka is reunited with her family, she is prepared to go back to Berk, but she isn’t keen on the idea right away. Valka has to be convinced to return to the village, thinking her place in the world is out on the skies, saving dragons. What if the next sequel deals with Valka wishing to return to her old life while Hiccup wants her to stay in Berk to support him as chief?