Hugh Hefner Playboy Biopic Rescued: Budget Mostly Robes

Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner’s actual life is kind of like a biopic already. It’s flashy and high in budget, set to music, has a ton of celebrity appearances, and goes on much longer than anyone expects it to. But an actual biopic of the figure is indeed underway, being backed by Warner Bros.

Originally, a Hefner biopic was deliberated over at Universal, with director Brett Ratner at the helm, and names like Robert Downey, Jr., and Hugh Jackman involved. Nothing ever amounted, and Warner Bros. and accomplished producer Jerry Weintraub are now behind the project.

Hefner is a figure who represents drastically different things to different people. Whereas the chief connotation with Hefner is his publication of Playboy Magazine, he has also acted as a philanthropist and a pioneer for free speech and racial acceptance.

No word yet on who will play Hefner in this film, but James Franco is set to depict the man in Lovelace.

Source: Deadline