Hugh Jackman Takes on a Swarm of Samurais in ‘The Wolverine’ Trailer

If the one criticism you have of the previous X-Men movies is “not enough samurais,” you’re going to be really excited about the newest trailer for The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman, ripped as ever, returns as the clawed hero for his second solo movie following his 2009 origin story, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This installment has Logan traveling to Japan to see a man he saved from an explosion years ago. The man turns out to be Yashida, the owner of a large company, who says that he has the technology to make Logan mortal.

Credit: Ben Rothstein/Marvel/Fox

To ensure that the Wolverine can indeed be harmed, Yashida sends a crazy viper lady after him… and then come the samurais. Of course now that Wolverine can be hurt, he finds himself faced with a whole bunch of samurais trying to kill him. Samurais on motorcycles. Samurais on motorcycles on rooftops. That’s intense.

You can catch all the katana action when The Wolverine comes out on July 25. 

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