Hulu Plus Now Offering All Three Seasons of ‘Community’

TroyThe past couple of weeks have not been happy ones for Community fans…aside, of course, for the fact that the last two episodes of our show were unabashedly awesome—and in two very different ways. The unhappiness I’m talking about is of course resultant of NBC’s action of benching the series for the midseason, which has stirred a great deal of anxiety over the possibility of Community not getting a fourth season. But there is a glimmer of good news for the lot of us devoted Greendale supporters: Hulu Plus has struck a deal to stream all three seasons of Community. Right now!

For the lot of you out there who are Hulu Plus subscribers (which is rapidly becoming an increasingly promising membership to indulge) you, as of today, have every single episode at your disposal. You have the sweet and simple but retrospectively well-thought-out pilot. You have the entire first season’s evolution from riotous character study to an examination of the mechanisms of film and television. And you have the second season, which further still expanded its range, knocking out the very idea of formulaic television, all the while really beginning to delve into its way-more-multifacted-than-we-thought characters. And now, its third season: perhaps the rockiest season, but a season with highs higher than its lows are low. A season that is really, unapologetically carving into its characters and the precious group they so toxically embody and rely on, delivering to its viewers a sincere (albeit, regularly hilarious) take on what it means to be a human among other humans. And, of course, it’s still very much about television.

So, basically, Hulu Plusers have quite a treat on their hands. For those of you in this category who are already fans of the show, there need be no explanation why this is such good news. For those who haven’t yet given it your attention, I offer a personal recommendation. And if that’s not good enough for you, the slight ratings boost that last night’s heartwarming “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism” earned should rope you in!

But who knows? Maybe Hulu Plus will help to spread the favor on Dan Harmon’s work of art, roping more viewers and higher ratings in for the network broadcasts, and heightening our hopes for more Community to come. On behalf of the “Six Seasons and a Movie” movement, I thank you, Hulu Plus, and all your open-minded subscribers.

Community airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. On Dec. 8, Community will air its third annual Christmas episode, which, if on par with its first two Christmas episodes, will be majestic.

Source: A.V. Club