Hungarian Cops Raid ‘World War Z’ Set

7826752.jpgThe forthcoming zombie epic World War Z suffered an embarrassing setback today when authorities in Hungary confiscated a cache of weapons that were intended to be used in the film, which is currently shooting in and around Budapest, US Weekly reports. The firearms, which are required by law to be non-functional, were in fact in worker order, prompting Hungary’s Anti-Terrorism Unit to raid the warehouse in which they were stored. Apparently, the problem stems from some paperwork that was filled out incorrectly. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

According to Us, World War Z is “already over budget and over schedule,” much to the chagrin of its star and producer, Brad Pitt, whose character will now have to fight off hordes of zombies with little more than his devastating good looks. Or he could just pony up for some new, non-illegal guns. His choice, really.

Source: US Weekly

Brad Pitt can be seen in the acclaimed drama Moneyball, now playing in theaters. Click on the image below for more images of Se7en star: