‘Hunger Games’: 7 Bloody Seconds Cut by UK Censors

HG_Backbutton_651x113_FINAL.jpgHunger Games

The British Board of Film Classification has called for the removal of seven seconds of footage from The Hunger Games in order for the film to receive a more audience-friendly (and thus box office-friendly) rating.

Distributor Lionsgate UK requested the cuts — thereby removing “an emphasis on blood and injury” — in order for the film to be rated 12A (the UK’s equivalent of America’s PG-13) by the BBFC.

The details of the cuts have been revealed (and could contain a quasi-spoiler or two): “A number of cuts were made in one scene to reduce an emphasis on blood and injury. These cuts, which were implemented by digitally removing sight of blood splashes and sight of blood on wounds and weapons, were made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy. An uncut ‘15’ classification was available.”

Source: EW