Better Know A ‘Hunger Games’ District: Visit the Farmland in District 10

The Hunger GamesLionsgate via Everett Collection

What’s a dystopian novel without a post-apocalyptic world? The world of Panem is tough, unless you live in the fashion-conscious Capitol. In case you needed a refresher, Panem is split up into 12 districts (we don’t talk about district 13) and a glittering and wealthy capital city.

Taking a page from The Colbert Report, this ongoing “Better Know a District” series will take a look at the districts that make up the brutal world of The Hunger Games.

Welcome To District 10: Got Milk?

Industry: District 10 is known for its livestock. It provides all the beef and meat the well-fed residents of the Capitol love.

Notable Residents: District 10 is one of the least developed in the books. While Katniss and Peeta travel through the district, they don’t really make any contacts there. The only named resident from District 10 is a boy named Dalton, and he plays a small but significant part in Mockingjay. He also has a tie to Finnick and Annie in the last book.

How Hungry? District 10 isn’t quite as poverty stricken as Districts 11 and 12, but it’s certainly nowhere near as well-off as the districts closer to the Capitol. Since the District is mostly farmland it seems less likely they starve quite as often as Katniss and friends, but being located far away from the Capitol usually means being fairly poor.

Hunger Games Prospects: Unfortunately for District 10, their tributes tend to do very poorly in The Hunger Games. The tributes from District 10 aren’t exceedingly lucky and have a tendency to die immediately during the initial bloodbath as the Games begin.

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