Better Know A ‘Hunger Games’ District: Finnick Odair’s Aquatic Home, District 4

Sam Claflin, Hunger Games Catching FireLions Gate via Everett Collection

What’s a dystopian novel without a post-apocalyptic world? Panem, the remains of the former North American continent, is certainly not a place you’d want to live. In case you needed a refresher, Panem is split up into 12 districts (we don’t talk about district 13) and a glittering and wealthy capital city.

Taking a page from The Colbert Report, this ongoing “Better Know a District” series will take a look at the districts that make up the brutal world of The Hunger Games.

Welcome To District 4: Swim With The Fishes!

Industry: Fishing is the main industry in District 4, with all of Panem’s seafood originating from this district. This makes it one of the wealthiest districts in Panem, and wealth means that the district turns out career tributes. Although the district is wealthy, they still have a contentious relationship with the Capitol and are primed and ready for rebellion.

Hello Sailor! The most famous resident of District 4 is the dreamy and snarky Finnick Odair. As a tribute in the 75th Annual Hunger Games, Katniss immediately sees Finnick as a major threat. Not only is Finnick a career tribute good with a trident and nets, he’s also easy on the eyes. Being attractive and charming is a major advantage in the Hunger Games, since it always nets Finnick plenty of sponsors. Finnick is also flirtatious and funny, and soon even Katniss begins to warm up to this charmer.

Notable Residents: District 4 has put out its fair share of notable residents. Also from the fishing district is Annie Cresta, Finnick’s lady love. Annie was coached by Finnick and managed to survive her stint in the Hunger Games, although not without extensive mental scarring. Annie suffers from extreme PTSD and mental problems after her time in the Games, and especially after seeing her fellow tribute beheaded. When Annie is reaped in the Quarter Quell, Mags volunteers to take her place. Mags is a quiet older woman who only volunteers in order to save Annie. But she turns out to be surprisingly hardy once the Games begin.

Hunger Games Prospects: Tributes from District 4 have a distinct advantage once they get into the Games. First of all, District 4 is a career district. This means children in this district are raised to compete in the Games and often volunteer at the reaping. Children in District 4 are good with tridents, excellent swimmers, and proficient at tying knots and setting nets. Annie won her Hunger Games because of her excellent swimming abilities, while Finnick won his because he used nets and his trident to take out the competition.

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