Better Know A ‘Hunger Games’ District: Panem’s Transportation Hub, District 6

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What’s a dystopian novel without a post-apocalyptic world? When North America turned into Panem, it became a dog-eat-dog world. In case you needed a refresher, Panem is split up into 12 districts (we don’t talk about district 13) and a glittering and wealthy capital city.

Taking a page from The Colbert Report, this ongoing “Better Know a District” series will take a look at the districts that make up the brutal world of The Hunger Games.

Welcome To District 6: Going Places!

Industry: The main industry in District 6 revolves around transportation. This is the district responsible for all the trains, hovercraft, and cargo craft for the whole of Panem. Ironically enough, that same hovercraft is used to heavily bomb the district during the second rebellion. Despite the fact District 6 is responsible for making the trains run on time, the citizens of this district aren’t actually all that fond of travel.

Notable Residents: Perhaps one of the most infamous residents of District 6 was a Hunger Games tribute named Titus. While in the games, Titus went mad and began eating his victims. This cannibalism wasn’t looked upon kindly by the Capitol audience, and eventually the Gamemakers killed crazy Titus in an avalanche to avoid crowning an insane victor.

Take a Hit: District 6 may be no picnic, which is probably why some residents feel the need to take the edge off. Throughout the books, Katniss hints several times that there seems to be widespread usage of a drug called “Morphling” in District 6. Katniss even refers to the two previous victors from District 6 as “Morphlings” in Catching Fire because of their fondness for the drug.

Hunger Games Prospects: Considering all the cannibalism and drug addiction in District 6, it’s not surprising that tributes from this district generally do poorly in the games. Since the district is focused on the manufacture and care of transportation, they don’t have as much familiarity with weapons. As a more urban district, they’re also at a distinct disadvantage in the more natural games environments.

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