Better Know A ‘Hunger Games’ District: Johanna Mason’s Home, District 7

The Hunger Games: Catching FireLions Gate

What’s a dystopian novel without a post-apocalyptic world? Panem, with its brutal Hunger Games pitting children in a battle to the death, makes the zombie apocalypse look charming. In case you needed a refresher, Panem is split up into 12 districts (we don’t talk about district 13) and a glittering and wealthy capital city.

Taking a page from The Colbert Report, this ongoing “Better Know a District” series will take a look at the districts that make up the brutal world of The Hunger Games.

Welcome To District 7: The Fightin’ Lumberjacks!

Industry: The main industry in District 7 revolves around trees. This district provides all the lumber and paper products for the Capitol. The District is large and covered in the wooded areas residents use to chop wood and turn lumber into products used by Capitol citizens.

Notable Residents: The most prominent resident of District 7 is probably Johanna Mason, a former Hunger Games victor who plays an extremely prominent role in Catching Fire. Johanna is tough, prickly, and extremely sarcastic. She and Katniss initially bump heads, although they grow closer over the course of the series.

How Hungry? While they don’t live in quite as dire poverty as districts like 11 and 12, District 7 is nowhere near well-off. While the district is large, it’s also quite poor.

Hunger Games Prospects: Tributes from District 7, unlike some of the other districts far from the Capitol, actually have a fighting chance in the Hunger Games. This is because many residents of District 7 grow up their whole lives with an axe in their hand. Many District 7 tributes are quite proficient with weapons and grow up throwing axes. Between their proficiency with weapons and their comfort level with forests, tributes from District 7 often have an advantage over some of the more urban districts.

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