Better Know A ‘Hunger Games’ District: Get Your Clothes From District 8

The Hunger Games Distric 8Lions Gate via Everett Collection

What’s a dystopian novel without a post-apocalyptic world? Panem, with it’s brutal Hunger Games pitting children in a battle to the death, makes the zombie apocalypse look charming. In case you needed a refresher, Panem is split up into 12 districts (we don’t talk about district 13) and a glittering and wealthy capital city.

Taking a page from The Colbert Report, this ongoing “Better Know a District” series will take a look at the districts that make up the brutal world of The Hunger Games.

Welcome To District 8: Make it Work!

Industry: The residents of District 8 would make great contestants on Project Runway, since they produce all the clothes, fashion, and textiles for the whole of Panem. Unfortunately, they’re way too poor to actually afford any of the clothing they produce. One of their biggest tasks is actually to make the uniforms for the very same Peacekeepers who oppress the district.

Notable Residents: Cecilia and Woof are both tributes in the 75th Hunger Games and play promient roles in Catching Fire. Cecilia is described as being a sweet, motherly woman who Katniss immediately takes a liking to. Other notable residents are Bonnie and Twill, two District 8 residents who are displaced by the rebellion in the district. Finally Commander Paylor plays an active role in the rebellion in District 8 and eventually plays a substantial part in Mockingjay.

Rebels: As one of the poorest districts in Panem, District 8 was primed for rebellion. After the events in The Hunger Games when Katniss and Peeta defy the Capitol, District 8 begins to chafe against their oppressors. This causes all sorts of problems in the district, from violent uprisings to bombings.

Hunger Games Prospects: District 8 is not well known for doing well in the Hunger Games. This is probably due to the relative poverty of the district. Residents of District 8 often work long hours for little pay in textile or clothing manufacturing factories. The district’s urban squalor actually works against the contestants as well, since they don’t have the experience in the wild that proves useful for contestants like Katniss. In the first Hunger Games, the female tribute from District 8 was killed after setting a fire at night to keep warm and being discovered by the career tributes.

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