‘Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks on Becoming Effie: ‘4 A.M. Wake-Ups’


the hunger gamesThe Hunger Games is expected to be unlike any other franchise the world has ever seen. And while the film is sure to provide ample amounts of action (given the yearly death matches and what not) and introduce us to a unique brand of characters, including the stylishly eccentric Effie Trinket, played by Elizabeth Banks.

But transforming into such a fashion-centric character isn’t as easy as you would think. The actress exclusively spoke with Hollywood.com and revealed just how long it took for her to get ready each morning before filming commenced. “Two and a half hours everyday,” Banks remarked, in regards to how long she spent in makeup. Not only that, but the preparations got started at 4 A.M.!

However, the actress was more than happy to put in the time, knowing it was such an essential part of her character. “There is no Effie without that look. Suzanne Collins wrote her pink-haired and crazy outfits and I am the representative of The Capitol in the movie, so we had to go for it,” said Banks. “I wouldn’t have settled for anything less. I would’ve taken three hours if that’s what it took.”

For more of our exclusive interview, check out the video below and get absorbed in The Hunger Games knowledge. The games begins Friday, March 23.