‘I Am Number Four’ Director DJ Caruso To Helm ‘Preacher’?

D.J. CarusoThe man behind I Am Number Four has found his next project — well, at least, we think so.

D.J. Caruso tweeted last night that he just signed on to direct the film adaptation of Preacher, which is, yes, that comic book about the Texas preacher who ventures across the country to find the supernatural evil that just decimated his hometown. But — here’s the catch. Caruso’s Twitter account is not verified, so this could just be a ploy from some random fan who really, really liked Disturbia or something. Regardless, here’s what it said:

“My deal just closed on Preacher. Going back to the dark side and pretty fucking pumped!”

This potential announcement is good news for the project, considering it’s been in development for years. Back in 2008, Columbia Pictures grabbed the rights to the project when writer John August finished a draft of the script. Before and after that HBO tried to mount a series based on the material from Daredevil and Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson. Both Sam Mendes and Joe Carnahan (The A-Team) were rumored to direct at different points before Caruso became the latest name in the chain. We can assume now that Preacher has found its director, but then again Caruso might just be lying to get more followers. After all, the dude’s only got like 56. C’mon!

Source: Twitter