Avatar Sequel Moving Forward

With Avatar still cleaning up at the cineplex, having just yesterday set a new domestic box office record, its distributor, Fox, is understandably keen on moving forward with a sequel. According to THR, Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox’s parent company, News Corp., revealed to investors in a Tuesday conference call that the company is in “very early talks” with director James Cameron, who “has ideas” for Avatar 2.

Since talks are at such a preliminary stage, it remains unclear whether Cameron will direct an Avatar sequel or simply opt to produce. Nor is it apparent whether Captain Obvious will be returning to pen the sequel’s screenplay. And don’t even ask about a possible release date. Given how long it took Cameron to make the first film, a realistic date for Avatar 2 would be sometime in the summer of 2022, which will place it in direct competition with Star Trek 5-D, Saw XVIII, the Spider-Man re-re-reboot, and Roland Emmerich’s Connect Four adaptation.