She’s Out of My League Red-Band Trailer

While there are zillions of comedies in which schlubby-but-likable guys defy the odds to get the unattainably hot girl, few if any address the infinitely more challenging task of keeping the unattainably hot girl once the odds have been defied. That’s the crux of She’s Out of My League, starring schlubby-but-likable Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, How to Train Your Dragon) and the unattainably hot Alice Eve (Crossing Over, Sex and the City 2).

Feast your eyes on this very funny, very red-band (seriously — we counted at least a dozen f-bombs in this thing, which has to be some kind of record) trailer for She’s Out of My League:

Paramount is hosting a “Get Your Rating” contest for She’s Out of My League, wherein entrants can vie for a chance to be in the end credits of the film as well as on a billboard in Times Square. Head over to for more details.

She’s Out of My League opens March 12, 2010.