Ian McKellen Says ‘The Hobbit’ Starts Filming in January

ALT TEXTThere’s finally some good news surrounding The Hobbit.

To this point, no one was quite sure if the film would ever make it to production. MGM’s financial troubles and Guillermo del Toro‘s departure as director earlier this summer both continually delayed the movie — til now!

Ian McKellen, whose set to reprise his role as Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings in the trilogy’s prequel, told The Bolton News that The Hobbit will start filming in January. Yes! And if there’s one person in this world that you can trust, it’s definitely the white-haired and British-accented Sir Ian McKellen. (Just look at that photo on the left — look how wise he is)

At this point, there’s no real doubt that Peter Jackson is directing. Rumors fluttered back in June that he talked with MGM and Warner Bros to sign on as director, but nothing official was ever announced. However, come on. He co-wrote the screenplay. He’s the producer. Production is only three months away. It only makes sense.

Yeah, he’s probably burnt out from the LOTR trilogy. And yeah, he doesn’t want to compete with himself with another series of films in the same realm. And yeah, he probably feels a lot of pressure because he won a bazillion Oscars with his previous work. But come on, Peter! You know deep down that you wouldn’t be happy with anyone else’s direction, especially considering the up-hill battle you’ve had to fight to get this thing going. Do it for Bilbo Baggins!

Source: Bolton News