Ian McShane to Play Dwarf in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’


Jonah HexDoc. Happy. Sneezy. Grumpy. Dopey. Bashful. Sleepy. Oh, wait. I forgot Caesar.

Fairy tales are becoming unnervingly prevalent. David O. Russell’s doing Sleeping Beauty. LOST’s second tier is incorporating an amalgamation of stories into a TV series. And Ian McShane—who has contributed a hell of a lot to cinema, but nothing finer than a fistfight with Andy Samberg—is joining Rupert SandersSnow White and the Huntsman. And he’ll be playing the head of the seven dwarves. Named Caesar.

Naturally, the transcendence to an adult-directed fairy tale medium will call for some changes. And this name change may very well be rooted in the origins of the story. But come on. The whole thing is just weird. And it doesn’t stop here! McShane is tacked on for another upcoming fairy tale movie: Jack the Giant Killer. Sounds delightful.

Other members of the cast include Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth as the titular pair, and Charlize Theron as the evil queen, who comes to realize that when compared to the picturesque Snow White, she is in fact for skittish eyes only—I did the best I could with that—and hires Hemsworth’s Woodsman to kill the heroine. Plan: awry. Ensuing adventures: we’ll see. Additional dwarf names: at this point, it’s anyone’s guess. I’m going with Mao. And Golda.

Source: Hollywood Reporter