Casting Idris Elba in ‘Jurassic World’ Would Be a Smart Move

Idris Elba might be joining the cast of the next Jurassic Park movieThe Weinstein Company

Idris Elba, possibly the coolest actor currently working, is rumored to be in talks to join the cast of Jurassic World. According to CinemaBlend, Elba’s name has appeared in conjunction with the film in two different places: on the site ActingAuditions, where Elba is mentioned twice in a casting call, and on Jurassic World Movie News, which cites a source “fairly close” to the film who claims that the actor is in the running. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, Jurassic World also appears on Elba’s Wikipedia page, under his filmography. And as we all learned in school, if it’s on Wikipedia, it has to be true. 

So far the only two cast members who have been confirmed are child actors Ty Simpkins, who played Harley in Iron Man 3, and Nick Robinson, who is best known for the film The Kings of Summer — both the young performers will play lead roles in the sequel. Other names who have been tossed around for Jurassic World include Bryce Dallas Howard, Josh Brolin, and Jake Johnson. 

Rumors that Elba might be joining the film have sent the Internet into a frenzy, as it’s somewhat impossible to find someone who isn’t a fan of his. If there is some kind of truth to this news, though, Elba would be a solid choice to star in Jurassic World. He’s a big draw for movie-goers, as he has amassed a fan base that is willing to see anything he’s in simply because he’s in it — including us. Recently, he’s topped the fantasy casting list for almost every project that the Internet has put together, and any time he is confirmed for a project, it’s possible to feel the giddy excitement raditiating through your computer screens. It’s always good for films to cast actors who will guarantee a solid turnout, and Elba’s mere presence will be able to fill seats. 

He’s also an asset for the film due to the time he’s spent working on serious dramas like The Wire and Luther, as he will probably be able to draw in audience members who prefer more serious films to adventure flicks. Jurassic World will certainly benefit from the varied audience that Elba can draw, and he will be able to provide the film with a sense of gravitas. As anyone who’s seen Pacific Rim can attest, he has the ability to make speeches that would sound cheesy when performed by any other actor inspirational and powerful. When Elba declares that humanity will be canceling the apocalypse, audiences are ready to hop into a Jager and make it happen. Plus, Pacific Rim has given him experience fighting CGI monsters, which will most likely come in handy when it’s time for him to outrun dinosaurs. 

But with Simpkins and Robinson cast in leading roles, Jurassic World may be aiming for a younger audience, in order to draw in viewers who may have missed the first three Jurassic Parks when they came out. Not only does Elba’s presence balance out the youth of the cast, but it also allows him to play the cool father figure that the boys will probably look up to. While most of his fans might skew older, Elba is awesome enough to appeal to a younger audience, and will give them a movie hero to look up to as well. Alternatively, he could play a more disciplinarian role, which would allow him to inject the film with a more serious tone, while still being able to appeal to a wide variety of movie-goers. 

Really, it shouldn’t take much to convince the Jurassic World producers to cast Elba in the film. Not only does to appeal to pretty much every demographic of movie-goer, but he is also incredibly talented. With Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom about to open, Elba has been surrounded by Oscar buzz, and if he recieves a nomination, it will only make him a bigger name and a bigger draw, which means a bigger box-office return for them. And for those rare beings who aren’t captivated by dinosaurs, Elba will fill the void of frightening, mystifying, and wholly beautiful.