Idris Elba to Play Nelson Mandela in New Biopic

Idris ElbaIt should say something to us all that Idris Elba’s last name spelled backwards is “Able.” The man is the quintessence of ability. Every task he attempts is accomplished and then some. He is likely best known for his role on The Wirebut has really taken off in major film roles lately.

And he’s far more able than one might think, judging only from movies like Thor and Takers. Elba is destined for greater things, heavier roles, more dynamic and dense films. What sort of movies might best display his ability? Well, to narrow it down to a specific category would be unjust…but “Nelson Mandela biopic” sounds good. It sounds real good.

Elba will indeed be portraying the lead in a developing film about the life of the South African president, following in the footsteps of greats like Morgan Freeman (who played Mandela in Invictus), Sydney Poitier (in Mandela and De Klerk), Terrence Howard (in Winnie) and Dennis Haysbert (in Goodbye Bafana), among others.

One might be in the mindset that there is a slimmer range of interpretation when it comes to playing a real-life figure—especially a real-life figure with the prominence of Nelson Mandela. But remember: we’re talking about Elba here. The man whose Stringer Bell made television history. The man who makes even the smallest roles the real victories of his films. A man who not only has the ability, but has the heart. Want proof? The man’s first name spelled backwards is “Sirdi.” That’s Serbian for “Heart.” Mind-blower. 

Source: The Film Stage

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