If Green Lantern’s Weakness Is Yellow, How Does He Urinate?

As principal photography gears up to commence on Warner Bros.’ live-action Green Lantern movie, with Ryan Reynolds slated to wield the Power Ring as the legendary D.C. Comics character, questions abound for its director, Martin Campbell, whose latest film, Edge of Darkness, opens this Friday.

Will today’s moviegoing audience, having shown a preference for self-made superheroes like Batman and Iron Man, embrace a character who draws his powers from magical costume jewelry? Will Campbell seek to introduce a grittier, edgier version of Green Lantern, just as he did — to widespread acclaim — with another iconic character, James Bond, in Casino Royale? And, most importantly, will Campbell’s film finally explain how Green Lantern manages to urinate, given that his primary weakness is the color yellow? We sat down with the director recently to find out:

Edge of Darkness opens Friday, January 29, 2009. Green Lantern is currently scheduled for a June 17, 2011 release.