Imagine And Radical Nab ‘Legends: The Enchanted’ Entertainment and Radical Pictures have teamed up to bring graphic novel Legends: The Enchanted to the big screen. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, two of Hollywood’s most prolific filmmakers, are producing the film with Radical’s Barry Levine.

Legends, by Nick Percival, takes a modern, steampunk look at some classic fairy tales, recasting Jack (of beanstalk fame), Red Riding Hood and “psychic exterminators” Hansel and Gretel as sleuths investigating the murder of Pinocchio.

There is no director, studio or script in place for the film yet, so no word on the release date at the moment. We’re wondering, however, if it will correspond with Warner Bros. rumored Fables film, another comics adaptation which shares a similar concept and plot, if different aesthetics.

To take a look at the Legends: The Enchanted comics, check out this trailer for the series.

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