In-Demand Franco Bows to Green’s ‘Your Highness’

James Franco is in final negotiations to join Danny McBride in Your Highness, a Universal comedy to be directed by David Gordon Green this summer in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the actor is so much in-demand that he’s having to turn down some of the biggest movie projects in town.

Franco, says THR, was also in talks to join Leonardo DiCaprio in Christopher Nolan‘s Inception, but scheduling conflicts made that gig impossible — the role he would have played remains a mystery.

The actor is also said to have an offer to play opposite Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, a Plan B drama at Columbia, though it’s unclear how that project would fit into his schedule.

Franco is taking classes for his master’s degree at Columbia University and he recently sold a collection of short stories to Scribner. He’s also playing Allen Ginsberg in the indie drama Howl.

Highness, which begins shooting in July, would see Franco partner once again with his co-star and director of Pineapple Express. The film, written by Ben Best and McBride, centers on an arrogant, lazy prince who must complete a quest to save his father’s kingdom.

McBride would play the prince, Franco his more heroic brother. 

Scott Stuber is producing via his Stuber Prods.

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