‘Inception’ Blu-Ray DVD Release Date Announced


Warner Home Video announced today that Inception will be released on Blu-Ray on December 7th, so stop trying to remember to call your nearest and dearest World War II veteran.

The DVD’s special features section will include more information on extraction (which taught us how to do the actual “infiltration” of someone else’s dreams), another section will be on the dreams themselves, and there’ll be an animated version of The Cobol Job, which would probably mean so much more to me if I watched the movie last night and wasn’t spending most of today tracking Kathleen Turner’s downfall. Of course, there will also be 5.1 (.1?) soundtrack selections from Hans Zimmer’s score, because if you have to run somewhere, you’re going to have to defend yourself when your girlfriend finds out you had a dream about another woman, you might as well have the right tunes for the occasion.

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