‘Indiana Jones 5’ Rumors Surface

Indiana JonesIndiana Jones is coming back for one last crusade? According to Stuff.com, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are nearly finished with a script that will send Indy into the Bermuda triangle and return to the series’ roots.

Since just about everyone hated Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (even Shia Labeouf), Lucas and Spielberg are reportedly planning to make the fifth installment an “old fashioned” blockbuster, staying clear of CGI prairie dogs.

Harrison Ford has agreed to take one final crack (whip jokes!) at the role of the intrepid adventurer, and Shia Labeouf will once again have a central part as Indiana Jones’ son, Mutt Williams.

Ideally, this film could be a fitting farewell to a beloved franchise, but based on what Spielberg and Lucas did with number four I wouldn’t bet on it. Still, the series has fluctuated in the past: the second movie wasn’t well-received (nothing like adding a little kid and screamy blond to kill a movie) but came back with a strong third film. Maybe the Indiana Jones series will be the inverse of the Star Trek film rule: the odd numbered films will be good while the even numbered ones suck.

In the mean time, here’s what the sequel has to live up to.

Source: Stuff.com