Indie Pic ‘The Surrogate’ Adds Helen Hunt

Helen HuntAfter delivering a surprisingly touching performance in Soul Surfer, Helen Hunt is continuing an apparent quest for career resuscitation through the indie world — despite being a Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy winner. According to Variety, the actress just signed on for The Surrogate with John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone). The drama centers on a paraplegic polio victim who must deal with his various physical ailments. Hawkes will play Mark O’Brien, who lived the majority of his life paralyzed from the waste down in an iron lung. The story will follow Hunt as a sex surrogate contacted by O’Brien to take his virginity as she struggles to understand what her life has become both personally and professionally and how to explain that to her 12-year-old boy. It actually sounds like a very moving narrative, the stuff that the term “Oscar bait” was created for.

Moon Bloodgood and Rhea Perlman will co-star in the picture while veteran TV helmer Ben Lewin, himself a polio survivor, is writing and directing the pic.

Source: Variety