5 Must-Watch Indie Romances on Netflix

Take This WaltzMagnolia Pictures

Romantic comedies can be wonderful, and Netflix has plenty of them. But there’s nothing like an indie romance because an indie romance don’t stop. No, seriously. They just don’t quit! They don’t care to follow the usual formulas, the guy doesn’t always get the girl, and the artsy ending outranks the happy ending every time. So when you’re in the mood for a love story with a twist (or with the ocassionally dark moments, or with some seriously intense scenes d’amour), check out any of these indie romance films on Netflix.

Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, and Luke Kirby are the lead players in this film and the seasoned actors do fantastic job of carrying this story of a relationship on the outs, as an affair arises. Interestingly enough, Sarah Silverman also has a significant role and delivers a memorable performance as the alcoholic sister of Williams’ character. A great romance and a great drama, Take This Waltz is definitely a must-see.

The Other Woman

Based on the novel by Ayelet Waldman, Natalie Portman plays the other woman-turned-wife, turned-step-mother in this 2009 film. Starring alongside Scott Cohen and Lisa Kudrow, the trailer alone will make you totally weepy.

Price Check

Parker Posey is unforgettable in this workplace comedy/affair drama. Totally hilarious and totally bizarre, Posey plays the new boss to Eric Mabius’ character whose boring life working in the corporate offices of a supermarket chain gets all shook up when he starts falling for his superior.

Blue Valentine

Only good things can happen when Ryan Gosling teams up with director Derek Cianfrance. This year we got to experience their magic via The Place Beyond The Pines, but back in 2010 Blue Valentine happened and the indie romance genre would never be the same. Gosling and Michelle Williams play Dean and Cindy, and the film follows the two, brilliantly cutting back and forth between their past and contemporary relationship. So intense that it was initially given an NC-17 rating, if you missed this one back when it first came out, do yourself a favor and watch it now!

Nobody Walks

Written by Lena Dunham and Ry Russo-Young, Nobody Walks got lots of attention on the festival circuit last year. Starring Olivia Thirlby and John Krasinsky of The Office, critics raved that the film surged ‘with sexuality,’ And unlike many films, this drama about a young artist who stays with a family and brings a whole lotta sexual tension with her, women’s sexuality is at the center of the narrative and is the very driving force behind the story.

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