‘Inferno’ Director “Fully Committed to Lindsay”

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan‘s sentencing to 90 days in jail will not have an adverse effect on her role as Linda Lovelace, the filmmakers behind the independently financed porn-star biopic told The Los Angeles Times — even if it means delaying production into 2011 and beyond.

“Not moving on, not re-casting, not under any circumstances,” director Matthew Wilder said of Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story.

Wilder added that the production is “fully financed, prepared to go.” He said the production is “fully committed to Lindsay,” which means waiting for her to emerge from her court-mandated period behind bars and in treatment.

In part, the financing may be dependent on Lohan. At Cannes, Wilder said the actress had meetings with foreign sales executives and others “who, after having met her, put up money” for the film.

Lohan was also slated to appear in The Dry Gulch Kid, an adventure comedy, and producer Kerry Wallum on Tuesday told the LAT, “We have a bunch of music videos we’re doing right now, so we can just be busy until she gets out,” adding, “We hadn’t really negotiated the full deal yet, but we’ll see how it works. She’s a good actress. We’ll wait.”

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