‘Inseparable’: Kevin Spacey Goes to China, Meets Batman & Robin – TRAILER

Kevin Spacey InseparableIt’s hard to know what to make of the brand-new teaser for Kevin Spacey‘s upcoming Chinese superhero movie Inseparable. Mostly because … it’s Kevin Spacey in a Chinese superhero movie. That, and there is not a lick of subtitled dialogue spoken.

Still, though, color us intrigued and curious (at least to see what the full trailer looks like whenever it hits the Web) about what is purportedly the first Chinese-funded movie headlined by a Hollywood star.

All we really know about Inseparable — aside from its oh-so-revealing tagline “A young man with problems at home and work befriends his odd neighbor” — is what the teaser seems to show: Spacey plays a cigarette-smoking bad (but not necessarily “bad bad”) man, and Hong Kong multihyphenate/star Daniel Wu dons a superhero costume. See what you can ascertain from the clip, below.


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