International ‘Tintin’ Trailer Calls Back Old School Spielberg Adventure

Our first glimpse at Tintin was a bit of a tease: a few choice shots, moody and stylized that fit the magic of any upcoming Steven Spielberg film. Most American audiences don’t have any idea what’s in store for them when the name “Tintin,” pops up in a title and the initial spot didn’t intend on revealing anything.

But now, with a new international trailer for The Adventures of Tintin, we finally have a taste for the style, scope and splendor of Spielberg’s team up with director Peter Jackson and his WETA special effects company (the brains behind Lord of the Rings). Clocking in at a lengthy two and a half minutes, the new trailer introduces us to all the characters, including the drunken sailor Haddock (Andy Serkis) and the bumbling twin detectives Thompson and Thompson (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), as well as the sweeping mystery plot the budding reporter and his fluffy white dog Snowy find themselves entangled in.

Check out the trailer below and prepare to get sucked in to the fast-paced world of Tintin, which delivers on the promise of classic Spielberg adventure movies. It’s like the animated Indiana Jones sequel we didn’t know we needed: