See Ben Kingsley in ‘Iron Man 3’ … or Is It ‘The Dictator 2’? — POSTER

With a new level of gravitas afforded to the comic book genre, superhero movies are able to attract esteemed thespians to handle their assortment of characters, both good and evil. When Marvel Studios announced that Iron Man 3 would be handing its supervillain The Mandarin to Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley, many wondered which pieces of the actor’s venerated film history he might channel for the new character. Would we be seeing traces of Mohandas Gandhi in the passionate Mandarin?  Maybe the severity and compassion he brought to Schindler’s List, or the subtle tenderness afforded Hugo? How about The Dictator?

Iron Man 3 - Ben Kingsley

From the looks of the new poster, Kingsley might have picked up a few fashion tips from Sacha Baron Cohen while on set for their 2012 comedy The Dictator. The bushy beard, the Top Gun-esque aviators, the absent facial expression…  if Megan Fox shows up in any of the new Iron Man 3 trailers, we might be in trouble.

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[Photo Credit: Marvel]

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