‘Iron Man 3’ One-Ups ‘Fast & Furious 6’ and Throws a Piano at a Helicopter – TRAILER

Credit: Marvel Studios

When it comes to action-packed summer blockbusters vying for being the biggest at the box office, a lot of it comes down to who can blow what up in the craziest way possible. It looked like Fast & Furious 6 had already, ahem, blown the competition away when their trailer revealed that those fast and furious drivers pulling down an entire airplane with their cars, just as another car comes roaring out of the nose of the plane before it explodes. 

While that’s going to be awfully hard to top (it doesn’t get much more needlessly excessive or utterly ridiculous than that, after all) it looks like Iron Man 3 is finding new and inventive ways to take down air crafts and lure in boom-pow-kablamo-seeking moviegoers.

During Sunday night’s 2013 MTV Movie Awards, a brand new clip from the third installment of the wildly successful Iron Man franchise debuted and the 45-second-long sequence is a whole lot of noise, special effects, blood-free violence, and — you guessed it — explosions. We find Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in combat with the bad guys, with bullets whizzing by him at every turn. 

When he finally suits up and becomes Iron Man (with a little help and guidance from J.A.R.V.I.S.) he fights back by throwing a piano throw from a deteriorating building and directly at a helicopter, taking it down into the ocean. Of course, not before said piano can’t get in a few final tunes. If Iron Man destroying his villains and instruments, for the sake of saving humanity, is music to your ears, then watch MTV’s clip above. 

Iron Man 3 bursts onto the big screen on May 3. Your move, Fast & Furious

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