‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer: The 9 Most Revealing Shots

Iron Man 3 Trailer

Marvel knows how to tease.

Look at Iron Man 3. The posters paint big character strokes with flashy designs (Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin pose provokes oh so many questions). The trailers pile on the action while peppering every scene with details that keep us sifting through frame by frame. And then there are the grand promises — what can we expect from Iron Man 3 that will tie it together with the upcoming Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel knows the equation to tap into the geek in all of us.

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And they’ve done it again with their latest spot for Iron Man 3, which delivers on all the madness promised from Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and the rest of the cast’s character posters. Downey, Jr.’s featured an army of Iron Man armor taking off behind him — guess what makes the trailer?

Check it out below and then dive into our closer look at the spot. What just flew by screen in that one shot? Now you’ll know.

:18 – Stark on the Run
Iron Man 3 Trailer

Tony has everything: money, fame, a good lookin’ girlfriend — but for some reason, he can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because he’s always being attacked by international terrorists and saving the world. Or in the case of this shot, rescuing other women in his life. To note from this screengrab: that is not Pepper Potts. Instead, it’s Rebecca Hall, who may be the mystery behind all of Iron Man 3.

:31 – Honor Ritual
Iron Man 3 Trailer

The latest trailer doesn’t offer up much in the way of motive for The Mandarin, but it does make Iron Man 3‘s main villain terrifyingly real. Maybe we watched too much Zero Dark Thirty, but as ridiculous as Kingsley was in his poster debut, he’s incredibly creepy here, placing dog tags of (American?) soldiers on the hilt of US marine issue ka-bar knife (thanks to commenter Jerry for pointing that out!).

:51 – The Mandarin: Ten Time Super Bowl Winner
Iron Man 3 Trailer Mandarin

Playing over the intro of the trailer is Kingsley’s Mandarin voiceover, a not-too-distant cousin of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Here we get a glimpse of the “Ten Rings,” which possessed magical powers in the comics, but may be more of a nod to the character’s origin than a weapon of otherworldly destruction. Maybe, because after Avengers and the scientific nature of “magic” established in Thor, the Mandarin’s bling could be more powerful than meets the eye.

1:02 – “The Whole World Is Watching”
Iron Man 3 Tony Stark

Tony Stark has always been a playboy who soaked up the spotlight. In Iron Man 3, it appears his celebrity status is finally catching up with him. Paparazzi snapshots turn Stark into an obvious and attainable target for The Mandarin’s attacks. It’s a logical move: go after your enemy and have the whole world watch, striking fear across the globe. Stark is his own worst enemy — the perfect character twist.

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1:11 – Armors!
Iron Man 3 Trailer Armors

Thanks to the wonders of toy reporting, word has been out that Iron Man 3 may beef up Stark’s technology with a number of new suits that serve different purposes. Here we get a glimpse. Spot the white one? Supposedly, that one can take Stark to outer space. Guardians of the Galaxy crossover, anyone?

1:31 – Go Go Gadget Iron Man Mask!
Iron Man 3 Trailer Extremis

Early trailers showed Stark summoning his Iron Man armor using new and improved “Extremis” technology. Basically, the billionaire inventor can think and — boom — his armor flies on to his body and assembles itself. In the latest spot, we see it in full motion. When Stark’s mansion is attacked, he wastes no time suiting up, instead rolling through debris and using Extremis to fight back on the fly.

1:57 – An Evil Army of Super Soldiers?
Iron Man 3 Trailer Super Soldiers

Perhaps the most interesting moment in the trailer is a quiet one: Guy Pearce, clearly collaborating with The Mandarin at his dusty fortress (located…?), steps in to a room full of Mandarin henchmen who appear to be receiving the Super Serum that granted Captain America his beefcake powers. Is that why Mandarin is sporting a Captain America-esque shield tattoo? What is the villain’s connection to the grand Marvel mythos?

2:06 – Mandarin at Fashion Week
Iron Man 3 Trailer Mandarin Cape

If Gwyneth Paltrow in a bra distracted you for a few seconds, you may have missed this shot of the Mandarin spreading his wings. Flashbacks to the LOST black light map make us wonder if there are clues planted here.

2:24 – Team Iron Men
Iron Man 3 Trailer Hulkbuster Armor

Another look of Tony Stark’s back-up, an eclectic collection of armors (possibly under Stark’s control through the wonders of Extremis?) that each pack a different weapon. The trailer caps with a particularly badass image: the “Hulkbuster” armor, rampaging through a fence on its way to bust up some bad guys. We’ve wondered if Iron Man 3 could live up to The Avengers. It seems to have found a way by replacing the Hulk with its mechanical counterpart.

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[Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures (5)]

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