Iron Man vs. Batman: Who’s Richer?

ALTBatman may want to cut back on those “wonderful toys,” since according to Forbes magazine’s highly-scientific analysis, Bruce Wayne isn’t the richest superhero around. In fact, there are cartoon characters and hillbillies who make more money than he does.

The Dark Knight has made an impressive $6.9 billion from Wayne Enterprises, but according to the annual listing of fiction’s richest characters, Iron Man is actually the highest-earning crime fighter with a fortune of $9.3 billion. Yet, self-described “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” Tony Stark was also forced to shell out plenty of cash to make his suit of armor. He lost this year’s title for richest person in the world to a SparkleVamp and a dragon who was outsmarted by a a hobbit.

Here’s more of Forbes‘ list:

1. Smaug (The Hobbit) $62 billion

2. Flintheart Glomgold (Scrooge McDuck’s archnemesis) $51.9 billion

3. Carlisle Cullen (Twilight) $36.3 billion

4. Jed Clampett (Beverly Hillbillies) $9.8 billion

5. Tony Stark (Iron Man) $9.3 billion

6. Richie Rich $8.9 billion

7. Charles Foster Kane (Citizen Kane) $8.3 billion

8. Bruce Wayne (Batman) $6.9 billion

9. Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump) $5.7 billion

10. Mr. Monopoly $2.5 billion


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