Is A ‘Thor’ Sequel Already Underway?

Thor 2Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios (and, in all probability, Walt Disney Pictures too) are still counting grosses around the world for Thor, but there are already rumors of sequel development going on at the respective companies. Cinema Blend reports that insiders at Marvel, impressed with the film’s $350 million haul about a month into its global release, are now kicking around ideas for a follow-up, and names are being named.

According to the source, Asgardian villains The Enchantress and The Executioner are possible antagonists who could show up in the inevitable sequel. Unless you’re a comic book reader, you’ve probably got no idea who those characters are, so allow me to give you a little back story: In Marvel Comics lore, The Enchantress is a powerful sorceress named Amora who attempts to seduce the God of Thunder and slaughter his pre-existing love interest. She even teams up with Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston in the Marvel movies) at one point, making her odds of appearing in a new film that much better, but she wouldn’t be alone. The Executioner, a hardened Asgardian warrior, is infatuated with her and is easily manipulated into doing her bidding. He’d be the brawn, while she’d be the brains of this sinister duo that could make life difficult for Mr. Odinson in the future film.

Of course, this is all premature talk. Marvel is fully focused on putting out The Avengers in 2012, while it has Iron Man 3 schedule to open summer 2013. There is a possibility that, like this years bow of both Thor and Captain America, we could see two Marvel superhero tent poles in ’13, especially since the studio will want to keep the franchise’s momentum going, but it’s still a bit early to talk about Thor 2. Director Kenneth Branagh hasn’t committed to another film, and it’ll be a major headache to assemble its big cast again even if the actors from the original have contractual obligations to go back for another. Further, many superhero sequels that get fast-tracked and produced so quickly after the first end up like Iron Man 2, and I don’t want to see Thor go down that road. Let’s see how the first one performs throughout the summer before we make any assumptions about which property is going to move forward first.

Source: Cinema Blend