Is Aaron Sorkin Writing a Steve Jobs Biopic?

Aaron SorkinAfter Steve Jobs‘ passing, the entrepreneur’s friendship with writer Aaron Sorkin was made public. Apparently, Jobs was a fan of Sorkin’s work, and wanted him to write a Pixar movie. Sorkin has been resistant about taking on a project like this, but what he is potentially working on might be all the more interesting: a Steve Jobs biopic film.

Sony is already taking steps to adapt Steve Jobs: A Biography, written by Walter Isaacson, to film. Word has it that the network is pursuing Sorkin to write the script for this project.

Although nothing is definite, there is really nobody whose wheelhouse is closer to this sort of project than Sorkin. In fact, so “Sorkin” is this project, that one might argue it a poor choice for the writer. His 2010 film, The Social Network, was about a young genius who revolutionized a facet of the electronic world, and as a result, human society as a whole. This is a description that would also aptly suit any Jobs biopic that would materialize about Jobs.

But although Sorkin does have a style, and a loud one—you could spot one of his scripts within a few minutes of watching in performed—all of the things he has produced are unique from one another. Might it feel a bit repetitive for Sorkin to put the Social Network spin on Jobs? Possibly, yes. But could he very well do it with a flare and a style we haven’t seen before? I’d imagine so.

Source: LA Times