Is Nick Frost Ready To Lead A Movie Without Simon Pegg?

Nick Front, Cuban FuryCubanFuryTheMovie/YouTube

Nick Frost is going to be in his own movie in 2014, Cuban Fury. He won’t have Simon Pegg as a co-star. Will this be a good move on his part or will it cause him to have to retreat back into life as a second fiddle, not to get top billing again?

This will be a big test. Sure, Frost is a very funny man, but he’s always been the sidekick: the best friend who becomes a zombie, the bumbling partner … he’s never really been front and center. I actually have to say, good for him. He’s decided to take a shot at a bigger part in the movie world, and if the gambit succeeds, then he was well worth the risk and if the movie does poorly, he’ll be able to look himself in the mirror and say that he at least tried, which is more than many of us do.

Frost has relied a lot on physical comedy and this movie looks like it’s not going to be any different, if scenes like his doing a face plant on the windshield of Rashida Jones ‘ character’s car are a barometer. Of course, a movie about dance offers plenty of opportunity for pratfalls. In the other movies, though, Frost has not been a main focus, so when he does something silly, it’s a welcome surprise. Can we take a whole movie of it or will the novelty wear thin in the first half hour?

Some may say that he doesn’t have the body or face for being a leading man, but then again they said the same of John Belushi, John Candy and Chris Farley. Let’s not let the fact that all three are prematurely deceased change the fact that they were hugely successful despite not sharing the same body type as say… a Dan Ackroyd or Chevy Chase. Frost could very well become a star in his own right..

The main thing is that it is just weird to see Frost without Pegg involved somewhere. Then again, the sidekick can step out of the shadow of the larger star. Ben Affleck can become just as big a star as Matt Damon.

So let’s say that Cuban Fury does great in the theaters – getting Jones and Ian McShane to appear in it was a good move to help take some of the edge off for Frost – then he might be the one having Pegg call him to appear as a co-star. That’s not so farfetched. It could happen. Wait, I think there’s a zombie at my do-