Is the ‘Hangover’ Sequel Headed Abroad?

Even before The Hangover scored its surprising (to some, at least) victory over Land of the Lost at the box office, the suits at Warner Bros. were so confident with their raucous Vegas comedy that they’d already started work on a sequel. Now that The Hangover is a certified hit, a follow-up is a virtual certainty.


Where might a Hangover sequel take the film’s hapless quartet of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha and Zach Galifianakis? In our exclusive interview with Galifianakis, he told us that director Todd Phillips, who is co-writing the sequel’s script with his Old School partner Scot Armstrong, plans on taking the boys abroad. “I think it’s going to be in a foreign country, and I think it has to be in an exotic place,” Galifianakis told us, adding that we can expect “more of the same” from his character, the eccentric oddball Alan.

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