Is ‘Warm Bodies’ the Zombie Answer to the End of ‘Twilight’? — TRAILER



It seems like post-apocalyptic movies are the new go-to setting for a fun cinematic adventure. Think about it: there are no rules or responsibilities, just a lot of grunting, looting, and free time. And now that vampire movies are wrapping up their reign at the box office, there is room in the tween fandom for a new pair of supernatural-inspired star-crossed lovers.

Summit Entertainment—the production company that launched Twilight into superstardom—has just released their brand new trailer for Warm Bodies, an offbeat comedy told through the eyes of R, a teenage zombie living in the aftermath of an undead epidemic. R is sluggish, ravenous, and not exactly the most eloquent zombie you’ve ever met, but when he falls in love with Julie—a perfectly healthy human—his quest for flesh fades away and his ability to love begins to grow again.

Check out the Twilight-esque trailer below to learn more about R’s lifeless hobbies, and see if this love has the potential to reach Edward and Bella levels of intensity.

Warm Bodies crawls into theaters February 1, 2013

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[Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment]


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