It’s Back to School Time! Celebrate With Actors Who Were Way Too Old to Play Teens


Back to school time is a wonderful moment in early September in which school supplies are plentiful and everyone (including adults with real jobs at who are writing this article) feels the need to replenish their wardrobe as fall approaches. It’s enough to make you wish, for a split second that you were going back to school. But it’s a fleeting feeling for most. For some actors, however, it becomes a career.

And that’s probably why we never felt like we looked like high school kids when we got to those hallowed halls. TV and movies have been teaching us for years that high school students look like 25-year-olds. Thanks for that unrealistic expectation, Hollywood. (Lord knows you haven’t promoted that notion in any other aspect of our lives.)
Of course, some actors are bigger offenders than others. And we decided to find out just how big that gap between on-screen age and actual age can get. And we found out, it can get pretty wide.
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[Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures]