J.J. Abrams and Spielberg Discuss the Passion for Film in ‘Super 8’ Blu-ray Trailer

A lot of people considered Super 8 to be J.J. Abrams‘ tribute to youthful, spirited adventure and sci-fi films of generations past—it’s likely that whichever of these movies you loved as a child was the one you felt most channeled by Super 8 (for me, it was The Goonies; for the friend I saw Super 8 with, it was E.T.…the options are numerous).

So, it’s fitting, and a lot of fun, to see Abrams and the film’s producer Steven Spielberg talk about their own youthful plights in filmmaking. The below featurette, and preview for the upcoming Super 8 Blu-ray pack, offers the points of view of Abrams, Spielberg and Super 8 castmembers Jade Griffiths and Gabriel Basso, on the movie and being a child fascinated by the making of and working with film.

Super 8 comes out on Blu-ray, with dozens of additional special features, on Nov. 22.


Source: Yahoo