J.K. Rowling Announces Details Of ‘Pottermore’ Website

j.k. rowlingApparently all last week there was a countdown to a big J.K. Rowling announcement. I say apparently because I only heard about it yesterday. Today was the big day and we finally get the big news that she is…. creating a new website? Called Pottermore? Oh, okay!

While it does initially seem like a letdown, there are some good kernels of awesomeness hidden away. That the eBooks will available there is exciting, if you haven’t already figured out how to find them online already. There will be a community where you can participate in games and whatnot, which is cool — in theory. And there will be other stuff on the site to enhance your reading experience, which is awesome except that some of us (me) have read the books several times over since they came out.

So what’s the awesome part? Remember that encyclopedia Rowling always talked about? This is it. And it’s digital. And free. Apparently, Rowling has several thousands of pages of unused Potter ideas, backstories, myths, and other facts that she’s been “hoarding” for years. And now we’ll finally be able to go into the story in a much deeper and enriching fashion. So yeah, it might be a glorified fan site, but more official information of Harry, Ron, and Hermione? Count me in.

Finally, here’s the scoop from Rowling herself:

Source: Pottermore