Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson Keep the ‘The Big Year’ Trailer Light

There is something to be said for the feel-good movie.

In the past, the notion has been admonished for “lack of substance” or “too little at stake.” Recent upheaval of movies like this summer’s Horrible Bosses has illustrated that people are turning more and more towards dark and dangerous comedies. Sure, they’re more of a rush. Perhaps they’re a better depiction of our twisted world. But does that mean there is no value in softer, sweeter comedies, like The Big Year?

Absolutely not. In fact, films like this one (a movie wherein three frustrated men of varying ages take a “year off” to live out their dreams) are terribly important because of the type of world we live in. It’s difficult to channel your own tenderness when surrounded by everything but. However, movies have a special way of getting in touch with feelings we often didn’t know (or wish we didn’t know) were so accessible.

The Big Year stars Steve Martin as a businessman anxious over his imminent retirement, Owen Wilson as an aging playboy coming to grips with a necessary change in lifestyle, and Jack Black as a lonely slacker. How the three are connected is as of yet unclear, but they team up to leave out a year wherein they do nothing but make all of their dreams come true. They take to daredevil activities, appreciation of nature, and probably some unexpected realizations. Yes, it’ll be a light comedy with some light drama. But that’s something we could all use every now and again. And above and beyond all, it’s got comic genius in the form of its lead cast.


Source: Indiewire, Apple