‘Jack Reacher’: Tom Cruise Is Just a Face in a Crowd… Who Kills People — TRAILER


Jack Reacher

When news first broke that Tom Cruise would be playing the titular hero in the upcoming Jack Reacher film, fans were… displeased. The Lee Child novel series’ central figure is a big, brawny, brain-smashing behemoth who you’d know not to mess with just by looking at him. While Cruise is hardly any of those things, the books’ author has vocalized his approval of the actor’s casting, noting that Cruise spiritually embodies everything that Jack Reacher is meant to be. And from the looks of the new trailer below, there might be a few benefits to casting Cruise as the action hero as opposed to someone less… diminutive.

The element of surprise comes along with Cruise. Bad guys who tremble in fear at the immediate sight of a hero are hardly as menacing. They would be less inclined to engage in fisticuffs with someone twice their size. It’s always more fun when a hero takes his villains by surprise.

Adding to the underdog mystique, the underestimation of a central figure not only by his enemies but by his allies seems to be a more readily available well from which to draw. Sure, Reacher is known as a bloodthirsty renegade who doesn’t care about the law, but only “what’s right,” but from the looks of him, associates are bound to scoff. Putting the chief in his place: an action movie staple.

And then there’s the final scene in this trailer, in which Cruise plays incognito after a high-speed car chase by hiding out in a crowd of civilians on the street — a group that seems willing to help keep Mr. Reacher from being discovered. Now, a monster of a man like Child’s literary Reacher would be less able to find his place slumped behind a collection of everymen. But Cruise can pull this off no sweat, especially with that hat.

So what do you think? Is a different kind of Reacher right for the movie? Check out the trailer below from Yahoo and weigh in.

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