Jack Ryan, As We Know Him, Is No More

"Jack Ryan, As We Know Him, Is Dead"Paramount

Chris Pine is in the role of Jack Ryan in the upcoming Shadow Recruit. Aside from the fact that I sometimes have difficulty telling the difference between Pine and either Chris or Liam Hemsworth, as someone who has enjoyed many of the books that use Ryan as the protagonist and most of the movies, I don’t like that Hollywood is doing this to the character of Ryan.

The first sign that things were changing was when they made Ryan much younger than than in previous movies when they cast Ben Affleck in The Sum of All Fears. In the book chronology, the events were supposed to happen after Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger. They did away with the whole (BOOK SERIES SPOILERS) Ryan becoming president thing . So, they basically ret-conned Ryan then and now they’ve continued that trend by using him in a movie that isn’t even based on a Tom Clancy book. The way that this movie played out with the action, it might as well have been a Bourne movie. Poor Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford.

Clancy, who recently died, seemingly picked the right time to do so: before this movie came out. The thing of it is, it may be a good movie, but it could have easily involved a character whose name didn’t begin and end with Jack and Ryan. Maybe the author didn’t want to answer questions about why this was allowed to happen? Clancy wrote a lot about espionage and his cause of death remains undisclosed. For all we know, he could be reading this on a beach in Tahiti and laughing. Hmmmm…

I’m not faulting Pine for making this film. The man needs a pay check and Jack Ryan is a known name in the movie/literary world.. He may turn out to be a good choice, but I still don’t have high hopes. In all seriousness, Clancy and the Ryan franchise deserved better.