Everyone Double-Crosses Everyone in ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Trailer

Airport novel racks across the globe are standing at half mast this week. Tom Clancy, the king of the American spy thriller, sadly passed away on Tuesday. But even after his death, his legacy in film lives on in movies like the newest Chris Pine actioner Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

In the new trailer, Pine takes over the role of Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst working undercover for a sleazy billionaire with an even sleazier European accent (Kenneth Branagh, also the film’s director). When Jack discovers a terrorist plot that threatens to dismantle the world’s economy, he is forced out of his cozy office and must become a full-fledged field agent under the guidance of his handler (Kevin Costner). Keira Knightley also stars as Jack’s wife who finds herself pulled inexplicably into the depths of covert intrigue.

Jack Ryan: Shadow RecruitParamount Pictures

The trailer is buzzing with tons of frenetic action and a lot of slick spy machinations. I’m expecting at least four double-crosses and at least three characters to reveal themselves to be double agents by the time the credits roll.

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