‘Jack the Giant Slayer’ Might Have Just the Right Amount of Nonsense — TRAILER

Jack the Giant Slayer - Nicholas Hoult

There’s a thin line between silly and too silly — many movies in the fantasy genre tread this line delicately, and a good number of these leap hastily into the unfavorable side. But when you land just the right amount of absurdity, when a film has just the right grip on the ridiculousness of its source material, the results can be remarkably fun.

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And if there’s one Jack the Giant Slayer seems to be doing in its newest trailer, it’s having fun. Timid farm boy Nicholas Hoult teams up with a gang of fairy tale warriors (led by Ewan McGregor) to take down the race of mythical behemoths who are, ostensibly, terrorizing the world up above — with beanstalk as the only available transit between lands. Throughout the video, corny jokes are cracked, wacky creatures are revealed, and too-obvious-to-pass-up callbacks to the original story are made. And all of it boasts a good time.

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We might not see anything spectacularly new or especially brave in Jack the Giant Slayer, but if the trailer is a good indication, it does look as though we can gear up for an enjoyable hour-and-a-half at the theaters come Mar. 1. Check out the new trailer below:

[Photo Credit: Warner Bros.]

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